Built-in fan keeps the mask interior cool and ventilated

A Mask you can wear the WHOLE DAY!

Protection from Virus and other pathogens

Ventilator fan keeps mask interior cool

Micro USB Recharging for 8 hours operation



The battery pack charged through a Micro USB charger controller gives the exhaust fan in the mask an 8 hour performance.

The fan is optimally designed to exhaust the stale humid air from inside the mask out.

Fresh air constantly enters the mask through the air inlet holes keeping the air inside the mask fresh.

The inside of the mask will be lined with a triple layer disposal filter that will filter the air coming in and going out.

Battery pack with Micro USB Charging

Exhaust Fan

Air inlet

Protective face plate


8 hours of relief for essential service professionals

Designing the heart of the Mask:

The Fan.......

Its unique design ensures optimum exhaust of air out of the mask while ensuring noise free operation and minimal power consumption

Field Tested

3D Printed Prototype Mask

Mask integrated with disposable filter

Disposable triple layer filter for Virus  protection
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Though the best protection we currently have against the COVID - 19 pandemic are the masks, there is huge resistance in wearing them. Not only are people reluctant to wear masks in the first place, even the people who choose to wear them  frequently remove them partially to breathe in some fresh air. This puts everyone in danger of infection. We choose to find a solution to this problem.