Prahladh Raja


When I was about 13 years old my father bought a 4 axis 3D robotic router for his factory to cut and carve 3D designs on wood and other materials. When I saw how 3D designing was done on the computer to create artistic designs I was fascinated. That was the seed for my passion for design. I taught myself how to use 3D design software and started dabbling in 3D design.


Another fascination for me has been electric autonomous cars and other mobility solutions.  Elon Musk is my inspiration. Learning about electromagnetism, battery charging and the related electronics has been a core subject of interest. I have been trying to create a prototype wireless battery charger that can charge devices from a distance without contact. My current prototype is able to charge at a distance of 2 inches. This device can potentially be integrated into the wall of backpacks, briefcases, purses and furniture to charge mobile phones and other devices on the go, where the device just needs to be near the charger and not necessarily in contact.

I have been using my 3D design skills to also help in product design for the family business. A unique design of a component in a roof concrete permanent formwork system is in the process of being patented.

During the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting lockdown, I observed that mask wearing, which is extremely essential for protection, is not being followed properly by people. When I thought about the reasons behind this behaviour I understood the problems and discomfort associated with the design of the masks currently available in the market. This led me to think about a solution for this problem and the result is the BCOOL MASK.