• How do you go about cleaning the mask?


The mask can be cleaned by using a sanitizing liquid and a cloth to wipe the mask. We recommend cleaning of the mask after a day of use.


  • How long does the mask stay functional with the fan turned on?


The fan can run effectively for about 8-10 hours when fully charged.


  • How long does it take for the battery to get charged?


It takes about 2 hours to get the battery fully charged.


  • What is the difference between Bcoolmask and the other masks available in the market?


Bcoolmask has an active ventilation system that keeps the air on the inside of the mask fresh by venting out the stale air and allowing fresh air to enter inside in a safe manner. This allows the user to stay more comfortable for longer periods of time.


  • What are the different sizes available for different age groups?


We have only a single mask size which fits well for anyone in the age of 12 and above. We currently do not have masks that fit younger children.


  • Can the mask be worn by fitness enthusiasts as well?


The mask has not been tested with fitness enthusiasts yet. This can be another potential target market if the trials with them are successful.


  • Has the mask been certified by an official certifiable body?


The mask not been certified yet. Once the testing of the mask is successful, we would apply for certification of the mask.


  • Can the mask be worn while it is raining?


Yes. The electronics are well concealed and it will still function when it is raining.


  • What is the weight of the mask?


Currently, the prototype mask weighs about 100g. This will reduce significantly for the production version.


  • Will you sell disposable filters for the mask?


Yes we plan to offer packs of 50 and 100 filters that people can order online when required.